Chapter 56.1 Int -II

“Kate! Emilia! My two favorite people!” Paige waved as her two favorite people arrived with the small caravan to their tiny settlement. “Oh goodie, and you even brought your husband Emilia!” “Charmed to see you again, Miss Paige, and may I say you do look rather fine this evening.” Richard waved from his seat in … Continue reading Chapter 56.1 Int -II


Chapter 54 – Whole

Luna POV Being the Librarian had its own perks, Luna decided from the sidelines as she watched the trial proceed. For one, she had the combined knowledge of Alcudia right at her fingertips. Every spell tome, history book, monster codex; everything! Knowledge was power after all, and Nightwalkers excelled at using everything to their advantage. … Continue reading Chapter 54 – Whole

Chapter 49.2 SS – Isabella and Lily in the classroom

Author Note: Whoops. I didn't have a rough draft to post, so I completely forgot about posting it here. When I get to updating the table of contents I'll make sure the order is correct "And this is where you've been taught every day since school began?" Lily asked incredulously as she looked around the … Continue reading Chapter 49.2 SS – Isabella and Lily in the classroom