Character Codex – Book 1

Character reference sheet: Skills listed have shown up so far, either in text or in action
This is what I was working with initially when I started writing. If i wrote something contradictory, just let me know and I’ll fix it in the text.

Isabella Freal

Age: 11

Affinity: Greater Healing, Lesser Light, Lesser Dark

Class: Princess – Princess Knight – (Apprentice Deerslayer: Fake – Apprentice Cleric: Fake)

Skills: [Royal Bearing], [Divine Right], [Divine Shield], [Divine Protection]

Spells: [[Healing Touch/Light]], [[Shadow Healing]], [[Dispel]], [[Neutralization]]

Naturally born Princess. Her class has led her to live a sheltered life. Although she knows it was for her own good, she resents not being able to experience a happier, freer childhood.

Looks: Pale white, blue eyes, Platinum hair (dyed brown for most of book 1). Ht – 4′-3″. Dressed in mock Ranger/Archer/Cleric equipment.

Greatest hope: To experience life outside of being a Princess.

Zenith Hall

Age: 25

Affinity: Lesser Wind, Lesser Healing

Class: Wind Magi – Mage Crusader – (Apprentice Mage: Fake)

Skills: [Mana Sensitivity], [Mana Sense], [Magic Molding], [Mana Overload], [Air molding], [Mana Confinement], [Defensive Cloth], [Vital Guard], [Danger Sense]

Spells: [[Prison Wind]], [[Air Pressure: High/Low]], [[Sleepy Wind]], [[Cutting Wind]], [[Wind Blades]], [[Healing Touch]], [[Healing Wind]], [[Hurricane Force]]

She hates her childish figure and how people treat her because of it. Comes from one of the Founding Houses of Appealte, House Hall. She was marginalized in her family since she was not a pure elemental mage. She had to rely on herself for most of her childhood. Unknown what her parents think of her. Develops a crush on Nick.

Looks: Tanned white, Shoulder length pale green hair (dyed brown most of book 1). Ht – 4′-3 1/2″

Greatest hope: To change her appearance to look more mature. To be in a loving family.

Nicholas Brent

Age: 160

Affinity: Greater Nature, Lesser Wind

Class: Ranger – Ranger Sentinel – (Bodyguard Hunter: Fake)

Skills: [Silent Arrow], [Armor Piercing], [Bow Stabilizer], [Pulling Power], [Bow Reinforcement], [Advanced Close Combat], [Weapon Shift], [Defensive Engagement], [Danger Sense]

Spells: [[Farsight]], [[Enhanced Hearing]], [[Owl Senses]], [[Piercing Shot]], [[Nature’s Calling]], [[Pathfinder]]

Fiercely loves his country and family. Before the spell, he learns that his family was killed while he was out on the mission. He assumes that someone has betrayed the Ranger command, hence his family was killed.

Looks: Tanned white, Brown hair, blue eyes. Average build. Ht – 5′-4″

Greatest hope: Regrets not spending time with his family

Tyler Merk

Age: 220

Affinity: Greater Steel, Lesser Earth

Class: Royal Captain – Royal Vanguard – Vanguard Crusader – (Royal Vanguard: Fake)

Skills: [Greater Intuition], [Ailment Guard], [Battlefield Sense], [Weapon Break], [Party Damage Distribution], [Offensive Engagement], [Reinforced Armor], [Reinforced Shield], [Danger Sense]

Spells: [[Range Shield]], [[Shield Bash]], [[Enhanced Senses]], [[Enhanced Reactions]]

Was originally the Royal Captain. He had to deal with Paige and Rebecca wandering the countryside. He eventually retired from the Royal Guard after receiving his High Class. He has many contacts around the country from his time as the Royal Captain. He steps up to protect the country once again when the King and Queen are injured. Unknown what he did when he retired.

Looks: Tanned white, Brown hair, grey eyes. Muscular. Ht – 6′-6″

Greatest hope: Spending so much time with politics

Paige Alduit

Age: 1400+

Affinity: Null

Class: Farmer – Princess (Fake) – True Blessed Warrior – Dawn Warrior – (Warrior: Fake)

Skills: [Battlefield Sense], [Blink], [Mana Overload], [Rising Sun], [Sunny Day], [Setting Sun], [Inferno Slash], [Holy Sun Dog], [Danger Sense], [Greater Intuition]

Spells: [[Burning Blade]], [[Spell Visualization]], [[Concealment]], [[Blessed Sun Ray]], [[Mystic Inferno]]

Her path was chosen from a young age. Stronger than Most Imperial Scions. Good friends with the Queen and Guild Hall. Values trust and family bonds. She feels regret at not being able to choose her own life. Escapes from Imperial Family and chooses to become a warrior to hide and take control of her own fate. Had many friends, but most have either died or long captured by the Imperial Family. Wanted by the Emperor.

Looks: Tanned white, Long brown hair; usually braided, blue eyes. Ht – 5′-8″.

Greatest hope: Normality. Wants to go back to simpler times. She can handle tough situations, but would rather not let fate run its course.

Markus Ederite

Age: 40

Affinity: Greater Darkness

Class: Demon Lord

Skills: [Battlefield Sense], [Advanced Swordplay], [Symbol: Status Enhancement: High], [Party Leader Enhancement: High], [Danger Sense]

Spells: [[Dark Blade]]

Has been raised on the battlefield. Participated in major attacks against the devils. Childhood friends with Luna and Stella. His family is from a long line of Demon Lords, and has a major presence in the Senate. Rumored that his Father had lost against a human in combat before, hence he made sure to drill his son heavily on proper swordplay. He has a unique love of history and weapons, both hobbies that he does not have enough time for.

Looks: Tanned white, unkempt black hair; brown eyes. Muscular. Ht – 6′-0″.

Greatest hope: To save his country from the devils.

Stella Platz

Age: 40

Affinity: Lesser Elemental: All

Class: Nightwalker: Mage (Paige assumes Shaman)

Skills: [Mana Sensitivity], [Mana Sense], [Magic Molding], [Mana Overload], [Elemental Resistance], [Mana Link], [Truth Seeker], [Night Vision], [Shadow Walking], [Good Friend], [Party Enhancment: Low]

Spells: [[Mana Shot]], [[Elemental Burst]], [[Curse]]

Younger twin of Luna. Growing up under a time of war, Stella’s childhood memories are mostly a blur or action. Not until meeting Markus were they able to settle down. Under the request of Markus, she was trained as a Nightwalker so that she could join his party. Her magical affinity does not mesh well with being a Nightwalker, but it was the best option at the time. Her caring nature shows through her handling of both the party and Isabella. 

Looks: White, Black hair; usually braided and in a bun, Brown eyes. Ht – 5′-2″.

Greatest hope: To live in a peaceful town away from conflict. 

Luna Platz

Age: 40

Affinity: Greater Darkness, Lesser Wind

Class: NIghtwalker: Warrior (Paige assumes Assassin)

Skills: [Lesser Intuition], [Night Vision], [Shadow Walking], [Acquaintance], [Party Enhancement: Speed Low], [Danger Sense]

Spells: [[Dark Blade]], [[Mage Killer]]

Older twin of Stella. Luna took great care to protect Stella during the war time draft. They both ran away from home to avoid the draft, and was picked up by Markus and his family to act as sparring partners. Luna’s affinities aligned well with the Nightwalker Class, and was chosen as a prime candidate to join Markus’s party. Forward and brash personality, she is quite careful and has a sharp mind. Loves to read, but does not have the chance to often in Trent.

Looks: Tanned white, Long black hair; usually straight, brown eyes. Ht – 5′-4″.

Greatest hope: To live in a peaceful town away from conflict

Shavie Alievi

Age: 40

Affinity: Greater Darkness, Lesser Wind

Class: Assassin

Skills: [Battlefield Sense], [Sneak], [Advanced Dagger Proficiency], [Assassination], [Party Enhancement: Offensive Low], [Danger Sense]

Spells: [[Dark Blade]], [[Torture]], [[Concealment]], [[Mage Killer]], [[Heavy Armor Killer]]

Discarded by her family, she was trained as an Assassin during her childhood. Her life was defined by how many battlefields she had survived. Upon rendering great merit in the fight to close the portals, she was chosen to join Markus’s party and was accepted back into her family. Luna and Stella’s personalities cheerful helped Shavie break out of her blank shell and caused her to be more outspoken and outgoing. Most would say she has declined as an Assassin, but her party knows otherwise.

Looks: Tanned white, Shoulder length dirty brown hair, brown eyes. Ht – 5′-6″.

Greatest hope: To be useful to someone.

Bishner Matos

Age: 200

Affinity: Greater Darkness, Lesser Steel

Class: Shield Bearer

Skills:  [Battlefield Sense], [Defensive Engagement], [Reinforced Armor], [Reinforced Shield], [Danger Sense]

Spells: [[Shield Bash]], [[Enhanced Senses]], [[Enhanced Reactions]]

As the fifth born son of the Matos family, a large aristocratic family, he was sent off to the frontlines to achieve glory for the house. His way was paved by his family through their connections with the Senate and was groomed to be an officer. He joins Markus as a personal advisor after seeing how incompetent the Senate chosen advisors were.

Looks: Tanned white, brown hair, grey eyes. Muscular Ht – 6′-4″.

Greatest hope: To make a name for himself, using his own talents instead of his family


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